Copying & Printing

All student will be provided with an initial balance of SAR.50 for each semester and which they can utilize for printing and copying.
(Please Note: That the balance will not be carried forward for the next semester)

How do I print?

General Instructions
  1. Login to any of the Library computer using Alfaisal E-Mail credentials.
  2. Send the Print job to the SafeQ Printer.
  3. To collect the print out, Swipe your Alfaisal Student ID Card to the Autentication Device which is available in the printer.
  4. Upon Authentication you will be able to see the print job list where you can select the file you would like to print.

How much do copies, prints, and scans cost?

  Type price
Printing Black & White (A4) 20 halala per page
  Black & White (A3) 40 halala per page
  Color (A4) 34 halala per page
  Color (A3) 68 halala per page
Copying Black & White (A4) 20 halalas per page
  Black & White (A3) 40 halalas per page
  Color (A4) 34 halalas per page
  Color (A3) 68 halalas per page
Scanning Free Free

The Remaining Balance will be shown in the printing devices and the detail report / statistics can be found through Link and enter your Alfaisal Email Credentials to access your account. You can access this llink only from Alfaisal Campus using Alfaisal Network).

What can I legally copy?

See Saudi Arabia Information about Copyright & Intellectual Property.

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