Library Mission Statement

Alfaisal University Library is committed to providing quality service and an excellent collection of materials to support the mission, goals, educational, and research needs of students, staff, faculty, administration, and community users and in support of the University's diverse curriculum. The Library is open to all Alfaisal University students, faculty, and staff.

The mission of the Alfaisal University Library is to achieve excellence in the provision and promotion of information services to meet the teaching and learning needs of the University and to enrich the student learning experience, encourage exploration and research at all levels, and contributes to advancements in access to scholarly resources.

The librarians and library staff strive to:

Affirm the vision and mission of Alfaisal University

Encourage and facilitate information competency, critical thinking, intellectual independence, and lifelong learning skills in all students, regardless of their educational goals;

Provide assistance in locating, evaluating, and effectively using library resources and instructional programs to teach library users to think critically about information; Incorporate new technologies and services to help students, faculty and staff discover, create and disseminate knowledge;

  • Promote Alfaisal University Library as a center for quality information resources for the University;
  • Provide prompt and knowledgeable responses to requests for assistance;
  • Ensure a comfortable learning environment for all students;
  • Administer fair and objective service policies;
  • Provide assistance and access to collections and services for persons with special needs


Alfaisal University Library will be an active and visible partner in the enhancement of learning and creation of new knowledge. We will engage students, staff, and faculty in dynamic, user-centered processes for planning, delivering and assessing all programs, services, and information resources.

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